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We help build a better look for a dashboard that is for work but doesn’t look like work.

The Client

Prospr is a SAAS tool that facilitates companies to manage, develop, and train the staff, all in one place.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create and app UI that is for work but doesn’t look like work, it needed to be friendly and accessible.

Another challenge was that the application can be branded to other companies, so we had to make everything flexible for colour switching.

Design System

We decide to combine the existing colours with a new design system.

We builded a design system that not only represents the friendliness of the app, but also represent the values of the product.  Simple, Fun, and Energetic.

We had to give the brand a quick refresh in the UI department with little changes to the user experience.

Our Roles

User Interface

User Experience Design

Design System

The Results

Prospr has now identify with great companies and onboard 3 new clients.

We also now work with them closely on ways to upgrade their clients and help them visualize a better future.

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